Athens, 7 July 2006

Acropolis S.A. has been incorporated in Athens by more than 100 Greek ICT companies, with a view to creating a new ICT Park in Greece that will become the ICT centre for South-Eastern Europe and will convert Greece into a peripheral metropolis of Knowledge Society. Acropolis S.A. is seeking expressions of interest and proposals by construction companies, building contractors, real estate funds, investment banks, real estate companies, property developers and other interested enterprises for the co-development of the project Acropolis ICT Park. The project will be implemented in an area of 56 acres owned by Acropolis S.A. at Afidnes, a town situated 25 km north of Athens. It comprises the execution of the requisite infrastructure works of an estimated budget of 26 million and the construction of 108.000 sq. m. of office buildings and relevant facilities for the establishment of ICT companies, including Acropolis SA's shareholders' enterprises, which are expected to acquire 70.000 sq. m. of office buildings to relocate their companies.

The full text of the Call for Expressions of Interest and Proposals and the relevant documentation, including an indicatively proposed co-operation framework for the Project development, are available at Acropolis SA's offices, 29 Adrianiou str. (ILYDA), 11525, New Psychiko, Athens Phone.: +302103367100,, against payment of the amount of 500. The above documentation is only available in Greek.

The deadline for expressions of interest and submissions of proposals is Monday 11 September 2006 included. Important notice: The above Project is privately-owned and this Call for Expressions of Interest and Proposals is not subject to any applicable public procurement regulations.